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Join an exclusive Society. You're not part of a subscription, you're a member of our society; that means so much more. From having direct access to a Michelin Starred Pastry Chef to indulging in some of the worlds finest chocolates... You'll soon learn that the box of chocolate that you will receive each quarter is but one of many features of what makes Society 237 unique.


The Source

Experience what chocolate should really taste like. Our cacao beans are paid for above fair-trade, and are turned into our chocolate across every step of the way by our founder, alone. Your chocolate is his passion, and no one works on them apart from him from the minute we receive our cacao beans, to the moment your box is sealed and sent. 

The Schedule

After each chocolate has had its final inspection by our founder, he then places each one into our sustainable, plastic free box before he sends them to each of our members. This process is then repeated each quarter, four times a year.


The Process

Every single step of the process conducted to craft our chocolates is undertake by one man. Our founder, and Michelin Starred Pastry Chef Faraz Siddiqui. From cracking the cacao beans to tempering the chocolate, to hand-brushing the designs, he expresses his passion for no other reason than to maximise the taste and quality of the chocolate that you get to enjoy alone (if you don't share)

The Chocolate

Chocolate is about more than dark, milk and white. Our founder has a kitchen that contains some of the worlds finest ingredients at his disposal. You can be sure he'll use them. From Masala Chai to Zesty Lemon. Nothing is off the table.

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The Chef

A Michelin Starred Pastry chef, a world-traveller and a man with stripes from some of the UK's finest restaurants. Sorrel, The Langham, The Lanesborough and The Arts Club are just a selection of the places who have benefitted from his passion; now its your turn. 

The Access

Being part of the society means you get unprecedented one-to-one access to a Michelin Starred Pastry Chef. Ask for recipe advice, industry secrets, learn and grow and taste his chocolates until you've become your very own Michelin Starred pastry chef. 


The Art

Take a look at the chocolates shown in this photo. Every single speckle, every brush stroke, every contrasting colour and every touch of colour has been done by hand, with love and as a consequence of decades of experience and practice.

The Opportunity

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