About Us

Our Story, and the story of our founder, a Michelin Starred Pastry Chef


About Society.237

Why 237? Faraz, our founder grew up with his grandfather, an astronomer, telling him that if a man can travel 237,000 miles to the moon nothing is impossible.  


Every month we release a new confectionary of which only 237 are available. 

Keeping the number to 237 allows Faraz to single-handedly make each product from start to finish. This, in turn, makes it possible to create new and exciting premium confectionaries that make the perfect gift or just an innocent indulgence.

We are proud to say that all our packaging is sustainable and our chocolate attained above fair trade.


About Faraz

Faraz began studying architecture and history at University but left to pursue his real passion in pastry. Heavily influenced by his time working under renowned pastry chef Claude Lamarche at The Arts Club in Mayfair, he went on to work at a series of five-star hotels and Michelin star restaurants. These included some of Londons most iconic establishments such as Hakkasan, The Langham and The Lanesborough.

Faraz later ran the pastry departments at Michelin starred restaurants Gravetye Manor in East Sussex and Sorrel set in the Surrey hills.

Splitting his time between growing up in London and visiting his grandparents in the landlocked Deccani city of Hyderabad, Faraz's palate is as accustomed to East London's Pie and Mash as it is Baghare Baingan from the Nizam's Royal Court.

Faraz's passion for pastry, perfectionism and sustainability make

Society 237 what it is today.

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